Sharon and Frank Mazza came to me with a vision for a new children’s illustrated book and play game that emphasizes “Acceptance for all.” Sharon provided comprehensive details about how she envisioned the characters of PRAFI™, and the places they live and learn. I hand illustrated each setting and personality then digitally colored each image to create this magical children’s world. All imagery Copyright© Sharon and Frank Mazza.


The young animals of PRAFI frequent their natural classroom setting. All imagery Copyright© Sharon and Frank Mazza.


Sasha Squirrel™. Copyright©PRAFI, Sharon and Frank Mazza.

I illustrated all of the characters who live in the magical children’s world, including Sophocles the Bunny™, original character of PRAFI©

Miss Baa™, the students’ teacher of PRAFI©

Thank you for the adorable classroom scene. The backgrounds look amazing…we love them!

Sharon M.

Owner, PRAFI

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