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Minute Cup

Branding and package design for a new type of soup company.

Hotel Zico Brochure front

Minute Cup, based in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, CA is an innovative newcomer to the booming Single-Serve Cup industry for home and office. Offering select, all natural food and home medicinals, rather than coffee, Minute Cup came to us to create a brand merging classic Americana with brand new contemporary style and vibrant color. We worked closely with Minute Cup’s Marketing Director on getting every special detail just right, from language, to box packaging layout and the foil lids.

Hotel Zico Brochure

The Minute Cup mark combines industrial style with a wingéd cup in a bold, enticing black and fiery orange color theme communicating confidence, energy, and dependability.  At Venuto, we work with clients to select true Pantone Color codes so that printed materials are consistent in all print media, all around the world.

Hotel Zico Brochure

Minute Cup just reached shelves in Southern California, with sales going nationwide as an official Amazon brand, with preparations for national retail release backed by a powerful consistent brand that communicates with its target demographic: owners of Single Serve Cup home or office machines who want hot beverages and foods quickly, with natural ingredients and without sacrificing quality.


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