Hi, it’s nice to meet you!

I am passionate about design, illustration, and music. My favorite new color is purple. I like french things and old school Rock n’ Roll.

I’ve been drawing since I was 5 and designing since I was 12. I spent 5 years growing with a small local Health & Arts publication before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area to start working for myself doing illustration, graphic and website design for clients. I’m very inspired by simplicity, the principles of Zen and the Bauhaus arts movement. Design should be beautiful, simple, and inspiring.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I have a big family (in today’s terms), with 4 really great siblings. Most of the others are all artists and musicians too, just like my Dad. He raised us to believe we can do whatever crazy stuff we wanna do, as long as we’re happy and fulfilled! My mom raised us to be polite, appreciative and eat healthy food. It was wild growing up in a rowhome with 7 people and one bathroom but it was worth it. It also motivated me to explore the world. My soul thrives on travel! I’ve trekked all over the country. I’ve lived in Berkeley and Los Angeles, Ca, in a yurt in the woods of Oregon, and drove across country alone, with no radio! That was a great test of my Zen meditation. Working in a contemporary way, light on my feet with a Laptop, a drawing tablet, and a camera, I have roadtripped to North Carolina and flown to New Orleans, all while keeping in close touch with my clients, friends and family. I am so excited to launch our brand new portfolio which is more informative, easier to use, and features new and classic client work from the past 10 years.

I am so excited to launch my brand new portfolio which is more informative, easier to use, and features client work from my past 6 years as a freelancer. Feel free to check out my Blog, or follow me on Twitter.

What next, Romeo?

Hire me. I’m available to work on new projects.
• Clients are often kind enough to share their thoughts on working with me, and I show a little of what they have to say in these client testimonials.
• People interested in working with me will undoubtedly have some questions. The answers might already be shown here: FAQs.
• More sketchbook posts on my blog, Hands Have Thunder.
• Some random musings and links on Twitter @EricVenuto
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Some of my successes

★ Increased business revenue for Creating Community Magazine by 50% within a year by automating complex tasks and driving awesome ad campaigns for hundreds of clients

★ Created complete branding and user experience (UX) for the original website-specific chat Bay Area start-up 3 Bubbles only to help it be purchased within 6 months.

★ Branding and complete, responsive web experience with ongoing site maintenance for Ensemble Personal Image Consulting in San Francisco. “I just had the busiest month I have had in 2 years”–Owner, Rachel Fauman

★ Design complete web presence for The Ranch On Soda Rock in Alexander Valley, CA propelling innovative Fractional-ownership Real Estate Purchases as an integral culminant of sales.

★ Integrated ongoing print and web experience campaigns for San Francisco’s premiere Organic Hair Products company Evolvh, launching products and brand into the lives of Salon-goers citywide and abroad, lathering the fan base and bubbling sales.